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Green Pool Cleaning Scottsdale, AZ

Papago provides professional green pool cleaning services in Scottsdale, AZ for inground pools. We also can remove algae stains from your pool walls or pool tiles. Contact us today for a free green pool cleaning quote!

Do you have green pool water in your swimming pool? Have you tried DIY Green Pool Cleaning Tips and water your pool water still won't turn clear? Don't worry, Papago Pool Service is here to save your pool!

We specialize in green pool turns and can make your green pool water turn clear again fast! We've helped thousands of Scottsdale residents clean up their dirty green pools and get them back to wimming in clean & clear pool water again.

Causes of Green Pool Water in Inground Pools

There are three potential causes of green pool water in swimming pools.

1. Pool Chemical Imbalance

pH Balance - The normal pH balance of your pool water should be between 7.2 to 7.8 to provide the right environment to kill green water and algae quickly. Also, if you chlorine levels are low, there's a great chance that there is not enough chlorine in the water to kill the algae.

  • pH balance low - Water becomes acidic and erodes metal and plastic over time.
  • pH balance high - Chlorine can't kill bacteria quick enough, will cause scale buildup from calcium or other minerals

2. Pool Filter Clogs

Your pool filter could be causing your green pool water if they are not serviced on a regular basis. Clogged filters cant strain out enough algae and bacteria to keep your pool water clean.

3. Contamination from Weather & Plant Life

Do you have trees or other plant leaves that fall into the pool water? If you do, that could be turning your pool water green. Plant and tree leaves can throw off the pH levels of your pool, turning your pool water green. Also, algae and bacteria thrive in warmer temperatures like Scottsdale, Arizona. Sometimes, chlorine just isn't enough to kill off the bacteria and an algaecide may be needed.

In either of the 3 cases
, Papago Pool Service will do a thorough inspection to make sure all of your pool chemical levels are proper, filters are cleaned, and plant life free from pool surroundings to ensure your pool water stays clean and clear.

Green Pool Cleaning Treatments

There are two options for green pool cleaning treatments.

Option 1. Chemical Cleaning Treatment Options

The green pool chemical cleaning treatment includes, shocking the pool(adding liquid chlorine), cleaning and backwashing pool filters, adding in algaecide, and then repeating this steps until the green pool water is gone and clear water is present. This treatment option is for green pools that just started turning green or only have been green for a short amount of time. If your pool has been left green for a long time, we may need to completely drain it.

Option 2. Drain, Clean, and Refill Treatment

If you can still see the bottom of your pool, we might not need to drain it. We can use the chemical cleaning method for those types of green pools. However, if your pool water is dark green and you can't see the bottom, we may need to drain and refill it. During the draining process is the perfect time to clean off any green algae stains or other calcium buildup that might be on your pool tiles. We can perform acid or chorine blasts to ensure your pool walls and pool tiles shine like new. After the green pool cleaning is finished, we then refill the water and add all the necessary chemicals back to it.

Green Pool Cleaning Quotes

Want a free green pool cleaning quote? Give us a call at (480) 423-9333 or fill out our quick contact form.

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