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Common Swimming Pool Problems & Solutions

If you are looking for common swimming pool problems and solutions, this post should help.

The air bleeder or air relief valve is located on top of your filter and is used to let air escape and let the tank fill up with water. It is vital that you open the air bleeder before you restart your motor. The force from the water may compress the air and cause pressure which may damage your equipment.

Common Valve issues and solutions:

  1. The air valve will not open.

Solution: The unit will need to be disassembled and lubricated.

  1. The valve is opening but nothing is coming out.

Solution: The passage may be clogged and will need to be disassembled and unclogged.

  1. Water keeps squirting out whenever its closed.

Solution: The rubber seal ring inside is missing or damaged and will need to be replaced.

Backwash is when you run water through your filter in reverse to flush the filter of contaminants and debris, which frees the filter to become less restricted so water can pass through the filter easily and collect debris more efficiently.

Pool Pump issues and solutions:

  1. No water is coming out of the pipe.

Solution: The pump needs to be primed.

  1. The water flow hasn’t increased since backwash, and the tank pressure is a bit high.

Solution: More backwashing will be needed. Ensure that your lint and hair strainer is cleaned before you backwash.

The cartridge is an element within the filter that is covered with fabric that strains contaminants and debris from water that flows through it.

Pool Filter issues and solutions:

  1. The fabric is ripped and allows dirty water to flow through.

Solution: The filter needs to be replaced.

  1. The filter is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

Solution: Remove the cartridge, replace it with a clean set and soak in degreaser or rinse with a pressure wash.

Caulking is material that is used in joints to create a waterproof seal.

Green Pool Water Problems & Solutions

  1. Green Pool Water

Green pool water is one of the most common pool problems there is. Algae in your pool water builds up and without proper maintenance will start turning your swimming pool water green. Most algae growth is due to low chlorine levels or an improper pH balance.

Solution: You can get a pool service professional to perform a shock treatment to your pool water that will slowly remove the algae and get your water clear again.

Common Joint issues and solutions:

  1. There is splitting on joint sides, and there are holes where it was applied to thin. This causes water to get into the joint.

Solution: Remove the old caulking, clean the joint and tape the sides, apply new caulking and strike to smooth out the finish and pull the tape. Correct anything by hand with a release agent and allow the caulking to dry.

Centrifugal force is the outward force that can be created by an object in a circular motion. This is the force that is create by water pumps to move water.

Common Tubing issues and solutions:

  1. The tubing is split or cracked which allows air to disrupt the suction or chlorine to leak.

Solution: Find the leak and shorten the tubing to remove the leak which is common at ends of tubing or replace the tubing.

  1. The injection fitting has become clogged.

Solution: clean or replace the injector.

  1. The strainer is clogged.

Solution: Clean or replace the strainer.

  1. The pump tube is worn out.

Solution: Replace the pump tube assembly.

The circulation system is a combination of pump, filter, pipes, and other components which allows water to flow through.

Common Prime issues and solutions:

  1. Loss of prime.

Solution: learn the system needs. Depending on system designs and the equipment, there may be different procedures. Refer to the pool chart.

  1. The filter is clogged.

Solution: change or backwash the cartridges.

  1. The strainer is clogged.

Solution: clean the strainer before a backwash.

The coping is the cap stone on the edge of a spa or pool mounted on a bond beam.

Common Crack issues and solutions:

  1. Delaminating or hollow at the bonding surface.

Solution: reset the stone by removing the stone surface and reapplying fresh mortar. You can also replace the stone.

Solution: You can repair the crack with epoxy or mortar. This is just a temporary fix to ensure a safe, smooth surface. If it is really poor condition, replacement may be needed.

Discharge is the flow of water out of a port or pipe.

Pool Water Leak issues and solutions:

  1. A water leak.

Solution: The PVC fittings and pipe need to be removed and replaced to reseal the threaded discharge. This is a repair normally done by a repair technician. If the discharge has bolted flanges, there will be a rubber gasket that makes the seal and it may just need to be tightened.

The effluent is the water being discharged from your equipment or pipe.

The erosion system is a chemical feeder that a tablet sanitizer is placed in to slowly dissolve by constant flowing water through the device.

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