How to turn a green pool clear fast 2019
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How To Turn A Green Pool Clear Fast 2019

If you are searching for how to clear up a green pool fast, this post should help!

Do you need a faster way to change your green pool into a clear pool? If you answered yes, then you are in luck and Papago Pools is more than happy to help! This list of 10 steps to make a green pool into a sparkling clear pool fast for 2019! Just to be clear fast is not instant you should expect results within just 4 or 5 days. Regardless of if you use expert pool cleaners, you should expect it to take 4 or 5 days to change a green pool into a clear pool. Regular pool maintenance is the only solution to ensure that your pool water stays clear any time of the year. It is best to perform once a week or twice a month pool service and professional maintenance to continuously clean your pool. By regularly maintaining your pool you eliminate the chance for your pool to turn green in the beginning.

Standard Cost for Pool Cleaning Experts VS DIY Pool Cleaning

Cost Helper Home & Garden posted, “Once a week pool cleaners cost $75-$165 per month, based on four visits. Do-it-yourself pool cleaning runs $20-$100 per month for chemicals during the summer after initial purchase of pool tools including a vacuum head and hose from $50, and a maintenance kit with a wall brush, leaf skimmer, test kits and telescopic pole for around $60

Those are for standard pool cleaning and maintenance costs. This is not an accurate estimate to restore a neglected pool with green water full of algae expect to pay between $100 and $200 to restore your pool to crystal clear quality.

Just follow our step-by-step guide for easy green pool water cleaning


Step 1 – Remove Large Pieces of Debris:

This means removing any branches or leaves with a leaf net. Instead of using a skimmer this way you do not do anything to stir up the water and spread bacteria. If you use a skimmer you will mix up dirty water and make things worse. Try to remove large chunks of debris carefully as to not stir up the water more than necessary.

CAUTION– Do not vacuum the pool if you cannot see the pool bottom! This can clog your filtration system causing damage to filters, vacuums and any plumbing located underground including pool skimmers and pipes.

Step 2 – Pool Chemical Levels:

Start by testing the pool water’s pH levels and alkalinity by using, pH test strips, Alkalinity Plus, and pH balancers. Chemical levels for your pool need to be within 7.3 to 7.7 pH depending on the finish of your pool in order for the water to fully become clear.

Additional Resources for Adjusting Pool Chemical Levels:

Pool Chemical Levels For Dummies

Pool Water Balancing

Step 3 – Shocking The Pool Water:

When you “shock” your swimming pool you are basically over-chlorinating the pool water. Simply put, you increase chlorine levels by adding in 3-5 times the normal amount of chlorine. This aids in killing off the algae and bacteria causing your pool water to turn green. All pool owners need to become skilled in the water shocking process since this is a part of regular pool maintenance. To make things easier we have included a few additional resources on shocking your pool. Visit our article Why is My Pool Still Green After Shocking? and wikiHow’s article, “How To Shock Your Swimming Pool” for a more thorough explanation on pool shocking.

Step 4 – Let The Filter run:

After shocking the poll use a combination of backwashing and filtering to get rid of your green pool water plus any contaminants that may still remain. Do not just have the pool filter running without properly backwashing it! Cloudy algae infested pool water can quickly gunk up a pool filter and cause a clog. Do not worry about backwashing too much since this is exactly the same thing a pool professional would do in order to clean your green pool. You cannot backwash too often! The more you filter your pool water then backwash, the quicker your green pool will turn clear. For diatomaceous earth pool filters, be sure to add new diatomaceous earth to the skimmer as soon as you can to properly the filter after backwashing. Continue to run your pool filter for a minimum of 24 along with backwashing the pool filter 3 or 4 times throughout the day for quicker results. Diatomaceous earth filters can clean a green pool up to 50% sooner than regular sand filters.

Further Reading About Pool Sand Filtering & DE Filtering: We highly recommend this great how-to article on backwashing a pool sand filter, How To Backwash a Sand Filter.

We have also included additional resources from the same company on how to properly clean your pool DE Filter, How To Clean Your DE Filter.

Additional Resources For Pool Vacuuming:

If you do not use a pool vacuum, read this additional resource for creating a homemade pool vacuum, How To Make a Handheld Pool Vacuum.

Step 5 – Pool Still Not Clearing Up After 5 Days?

Hopefully, you have followed all the steps properly and your pool water is beginning to clear up within four or five days. However, if your pool water is still cloudy or green it is best to call an expert to repair your pool filtration system properly to ensure no further damage occurs.

You can view this forum post Trouble Free Pool Forum for additional questions like: “Have been shocking for 10 days now…Green Pool won’t clear up? 10 days ago our pool was a nice thick green. Now, it’s no longer green, it’s just cloudy. I can see about 3-4 feet down. What do I do?”. Another user answered, “Your almost there! Keep brushing and shocking! You need to be able to hold FC(free chlorine) overnight, or lose very little(.5-1)! It was green so there is lots to eat away. Keep cleaning the dead stuff up!”.

If all the steps have been properly followed and the pool water is still cloudy or green it is time to call the pros at Papago Pool. This will save you additional time as well as money since our experienced pool specialist will provide a helpful explanation for the green pool water as well as the correct chemicals to fix the issues! We have over twenty years of professional pool cleaning experience serving the Phoenix area.

Step 6 – Swimming Pool Aftercare

After the water has been returned to a clear finish, you may notice that there is remaining debris on the pool floor (dead plant material, dead leaves, dead algae, etc). If you only have a small amount of debris on the pool floor a skimmer can be used to scoop out debris or use your pool filtration systems as well as a vacuum and let it clean the rest. However, if there are larger items of debris like branches or small animals that cannot be scooped up or vacuumed out, consider using a pool specialist to have your pool professionally cleaned and vacuumed. This will avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your pool filter as well as pipes connected to your pool.

Step 7 – Cleaning A Green Pool Video

If need additional help or just need a step by step guide with visuals, we have included this helpful YouTube video that explains all the steps in the correct order, along with what products and pool chemicals to buy.

Step 8 – Pool Chemicals & Cleaning Products

When you are buying pool chemicals and cleaning products to clear up your green pool it is best to have your pool water tested by a local swimming pool supply store as well. Stores have special machines to provide a more accurate read of pool chemical levels and they can recommend which items out of the list below you will need. Also, we have included links from Google shopping plus a list of common categories of pool supplies below.

Step 9 – Do Your Research for Pool Care

For further reading check out “How Your Pool Pump & Filter Work” for more information about pool filtering systems and pool pumps. We also have gathered a small list of blog posts and articles so you can continue to maintain your pool all year and make sure your pool never turns “green” again.

Extra Pool Maintenance Articles:

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Step 10 – Enjoy Your Clear Pool

If done properly your pool should now be ready for you to jump in, and if it isn’t you can contact Papago Pools to have a professional pool service assist you. We hope you learned something with “How To Turn A Green Pool Clear Fast 2019”, keep following us for the continued informational pool maintenance, cleaning, and tips from Papago Pools.

To ensure you are following all of the correct steps to keep your pool crystal clear you can view our Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist or download the Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist PDF.

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