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Pool Draining Services In North & South Scottsdale

There are laws for draining pool water in Scottsdale, Arizona. City code states that water should first be drained on your own property or landscaping and then a small amount can be drained into sewer lines or retention basins.

City of Scottsdale states, “Draining pool water to your desert landscape or lawn is a great option for disposing of pool water. Allowing the water to percolate into the ground lets you reuse the water you already paid for and conserve the water you would otherwise need for irrigation.

Our Pool Draining & Cleaning Process

  1. Turn off the auto fill valve on your pool
  2. Gain access to sewer lines or retention basins to legally drain your pool water
  3. Run the pool drain hose from the pool filter to the sewer line
  4. Make sure your filter is in backwash mode and then turn the pump on to start draining the water
  5. If needed, this is a perfect time to get rid of any green stains you have on your pool walls and surfaces
  6. After pool draining and cleaning is complete, refill your pool water the adequate height
  7. Add the right amount of pool chemicals to balance the water
  8. Let you know how long it will take before you can begin swimming again

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