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What Your Pool Filter Does

Your pool filter will filter and clean out grime, dirt, and algae from pool water. Having a broken or dirty pool filter will allow dirty water to wash back into your pool. Wouldn’t you like to have clean pool water? The whole purpose of a pool filter is to keep the water clean and swimmable.

The Problem With Clogged Pool Filters

A clogged pool filter will not allow water to go through the pool pump, which will cost money for electricity. Additionally, clogged filters can cause the pool motor to burn out a lot quicker which causes it to be replaced. Pool filter cleaning and repair can help to avoid needing to replace the filter at all.

How often should the pool filter be repaired or cleaned?

Experts do recommend that your filter be cleaned at least 3 times a year. You should repair your pool filter if it no longer runs.

Pool Filter Repair & Cleaning Services

Professional filter cleaning scheduled in intervals will keep the pool water clean, electric bill low, and helps your pool equipment to last longer which prevents future pool repairs.

We are able to provide filter repair or cleaning on DE Pool filters, Sand pool filters, and cartridge pool filters.

Cartridge Pool Filter Repair & Cleaning

Cartridge pool filters will clean your pool water by pumping it through a filter tank. This water is forced through spun polyester. This is good for trapping dirt between woven fibers. The dirt is then removed by spraying the filter with a water hose.

*IMPORTANT* Don’t clean your filter too often: A cartridge filter will work best when they are a little bit dirty. The dirt in the polyester will help the filter to trap more dirt. Each time that the filter gets cleaned, the fiber will become loser, which lessens the chance of trapping algae and dirt. How often should you clean the filter? You should clean the cartridge filter once the pressure gauge hits 8 to 10 pounds over the clean line, when the flow pressure is reduced, or 8 to 10 pounds over starting pressure.

DE Pool Filter Repair & Cleaning

DE pool filters will not require a lot of assistance to keep the water clear. However, if you’re trying to clean green or thick pool water, DE filters could have problems.

*IMPORTANT* Don’t add a lot of DE: Whenever you begin your DE filter, only add the recommended amount of Diatomaceous Earth, which is 1 pound for every 5 square feet of the filter. Backwash the filter and then cut the amount in half.

Sand Pool Filter Repair & Cleaning 

Sand pool filters will use a special type of sand to trap dirt and bacterial that goes through the sand bed. Sand filters are cleaned with backwashing to wash out the algae and bacteria.

*IMPORTANT* Do not backwash the filter too often: Sand filters work best when there is a bit of dirt in the sand, as it helps to trap dirt. There is a thing as being too clean. You should include backwashing in your pool maintenance instead of waiting until the pressure gauge gets too high.

Pool Filter Cleaning Regiments

Cartridge pool filters need to be cleaned at least 3 times yearly. These filters do not need to backwashed, so it is important that you clean the filter as often as possible. The best time to clean the filter is during swimming times of March, June, and September.

Diatomaceous Earth filters will need to be backwashed as often as possible before the pressure hits 10 psi. DE filters need to be inspected and cleaned every 6 months.

Sand pool filters may be backwashed as often as needed. The sand should be replaced every 3 to 5 years.

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