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Your swimming pool pump is what keeps your pools water clean for your enjoyment. The pool pump keeps the pool water circulating around the pool, and the water and chemicals are circulated around keeping their proper balance. If your pools water pump is broken or is not functioning correctly it will make an impact on the clarity of the water, and also keep the necessary chemicals from properly circulating and doing their job.

Pool Pump Repair‘ and ‘Pool Motor Repair‘ Services in Paradise Valley, Arizona

Fortunately, ‘Papago Pool Company’ have the specialist that is needed for resolving any issues you may have with your swimming pool pump and motor repair in any Paradise Valley, Arizona area. Including swimming pool problems in general.

Common Pool Pump Problems in Paradise Valley:

View the most common pool pump problems in Paradise Valley.

Is debris clogging up your pool pump?

When debris gets sucked into your pools pump it can have a devastating impact on the pump working properly. Our specialist has the ability to remove that debris, and then inspect the pump, making certain it is still working properly, which means it needs to be working up to the manufacturers specifications.

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Are you having electrical issues?

Your pool pump motor has specific amperage’s in which to operate by. If you do not service your pool pump properly, it is not going to operate properly for you, and might decide not to work at all.

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Is your pool motor running noisily?

If your pool pump begins to make noises, the bearings should be the first thing to get checked. If you have had the pump motor for eight or more years, it could mean that it is time for you to have the bearings checked out by a specialist, as they might be in need of replacing.

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Did your pool pump motor suddenly stop working?

It is important to have all of the circuit breakers and other switches checked out by a specialist before coming to the conclusion that your pool pump has stop working altogether, as it is possible that the wires were tripped somehow. Sometimes a little thing such as flicking a switch can get the motor started back to working. If this does not work, give us a call, we will be happy to come out and inspect it for you.

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Pool manufacturers and brands that we can provide repair to are as follows:

  • Century
  • Aqua Flo
  • O. Smith
  • Sta-Rite
  • Hayward
  • Pent-Air

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The ‘Papago Pool Company’ has the specialist with the ability to handle the repairs that your swimming pool motor, and your spa pump motor is in need of (for nearly every type of pool).

“Mark from Papago Pool Service does an amazing job cleaning my pool every week. We been getting pool service from Mark for about a year now and him and his team is always on time and pleasant we we cross paths. Mark is the owner and it actually seems like he cares about the service he provides which is rare these days. Me and my wife Al couldn’t say more positive things about him. We couldn’t recommend a more reliable pool company to go with. Your money is well spent with Mark!” Erick C

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