Pool Service Phoenix

Are searching the internet for “Pool Service Phoenix” because your are looking for pool cleaners in Phoenix, Arizona to help provide weekly or monthly pool services for your swimming pool? If so, Papago Pool Service can help!

Papago pool services provides professional cleaning services for swimming pools, helping homeowners to keep their swimming pool water clean all year long (365 days a year). Call us at (480) 423-9333 today.

Pool Services

The best package we offer will be the full service package, this package includes any chemicals needed to be used, along with weekly maintenance of your pool. We back wash your pool’s filter, empty your pool’s pump baskets, maintain the chemicals that your pool is in need of, keeping everything accurate, and so much more…

Types Of Pool Services We Offer:

You are offered the option of having your pool maintained by our services from the following three choices: Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

Pool Cleaning:

Papago’s pool cleaning service’s will keep your swimming pool’s water crystal clear.

Does your swimming pool’s water appear to be greenish in color? Maybe you have recently became the new owners and the previous tenants left the pool unattended to. That’s not a problem for Papago Pool Service’s, for we provide service’s for the cleaning of green pool’s, which is nasty algae and bacteria, Regardless of how bad it has become, we can handle it for you.

Types Of Pool Cleaning:

Pool tile cleaning, filter cleaning, pool drainage, acid washing, chlorine wash, and TDS testing and correction.

Pool Maintenance:

Papago’s pool maintenance service’s includes cleaning your pool’s filter every three months and carefully overseeing the chemical balances in your pool’s water. As a part of our regular pool maintenance we recommend completely draining the water in your pool every three to five years, this helps in getting rid of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that can be building up in your pool’s water. In fact, over a period of time your pool loses its ability to kill algae as efficiently as it once did. This is because the pool’s chemicals lose their killing power.

Types Of Pool Maintenance:

Pool draining, pool chemical balancing, pool filter cleaning, and TDS testing and corrections.

Pool & Spa Repair:

Papago offers pool equipment repair services and pool repair services to help keep your pool’s equipment and your pool’s structure in good condition and working the way it should be working.

Types Of Pool Repair:

Spa and hot tub repair, pool timer repair, pool heater repair, pool motor repair, pool filter repair, water leak repair, pool equipment repair, pool pump repair, and automatic pool cleaner repair.

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“Mark from Papago Pool Service does an amazing job cleaning my pool every week. We been getting pool service from Mark for about a year now and him and his team is always on time and pleasant we we cross paths. Mark is the owner and it actually seems like he cares about the service he provides which is rare these days. Me and my wife Al couldn’t say more positive things about him. We couldn’t recommend a more reliable pool company to go with. Your money is well spent with Mark!” Erick C

To schedule pool service in Phoenix, give Papago a call today at (480) 423-9333 for quick response. We also offer pool service in Chandler, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and more.