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DIY Pool Tile Cleaning or Hire a Professional?

If you are searching for information about how to clean your pool and whether or not you need to hire a professional this post should help!

Owning a pool can be a pricey expense especially if you have to hire a professional to help clean your pool. Even the best well intentioned owner can still have issues and that is ok because life happens people go on vacation or an unexpected emergancy calls you away or a few days. Unfortunately your pool builds up more debris, dirt, and even algae regardless of what life throws at you. The longer the unwanted pests stay in your pool the longer you have to wait before you can enjoy it again.

Best Pool Tile Cleaning Methods

To make the best decision of which pool cleaning method works best for your pool, you should know what options you have avaliable for your tile pool. There are more than a handful of pool chemicals that you can use to clean your pool tile including baking soda, degreasers and acids. If you are looking for something without the harsh chemicals you can try salt blasting, soda blasting, glass bead blasting, or just scrubbing the pool using brushes.

Cleaning Pool Tile With Chemicals

Your chemical options can range from chemicals like baking soda to househould dish soap like Dawn all the way to Borax and vinagear. Not only are some of these chemicals more expensive than the others they can also be more damaging, but it depends on the condition of your pool. According to the spruce, the two most common types of scum on a pool water line is calcium silicate and calcium carbonate. Another fact to mention is that a damaged or broken tile is going to be a magnet for dirt and grime when compared to a clean undamaged tile. With that being said it is best to replace a damanged tile as soon as you can or at the end of pool season if the damage is not too bad. It is best to use the proper protective equipment to prevent injury or other bodily harm.

Cleaning Pool Tile With Glass Bead Blasting

According to Above All Pool Care, glass bead blasting is a blasting process similar to sand blasting but with glass beads instead of sand. These beads can remove both calcium build up but can also remove algae and the results are often better than acid washing. These beads can easily be vaccumed out of the pool after use and have a silican free construction made of soda lime-type glass and can be recycled up to 30 times.

Cleaning Pool Tile With Salt Blasting

Salt blasting uses Kieserite and according to pool tile cleaning socal, this pool formula is designed specifically for cleaning swimming pools. This type of cleaning is more versatile because it can be used on delicate tiles as well as on tiles that have more grime or calcium build up. Althought this method is a little more expensive and you are required to have special equipment meaning you need to hire a professional the results can be much faster as well as higher quality.

Cleaning Pool Tile With Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is similar to other abrasive blasting like sand or bead but instead uses a gentler chemical called sodium bicarbonate also known as baking soda. According to turbo future, this type of blasting technique is newer and is considered by man professionals to not be an abrasive form of blasting because the baking soda shatters on impact. The process is still the same because the granular material is applied at high pressure to remove surface level containments.

Cleaning Your Pool By Tile Scrubbing

Another option you have is to clean your tile by using handheld brushes with hard brissels. One of the advantages of using a tile brush is that there are no harsh chemicals or special safety requirements to handle this type of cleaner. With that being said the results acheived by using a tile brush are not as fast or as thorough as the results acheived using cleaning chemicals or blasting technology. By hiring us you are alleviating yourself from unnecessary headaches and backaches from servicing your pool on your own!

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