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If you’re searching the phrase “Saltwater Pool Service” or “Saltwater Pool Repair” in Scottsdale, Papago Pool Service can help! We are a saltwater pool company that offers saltwater pool cleaning, service, maintenance & repair.

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Saltwater Pool Service Scottsdale:

Saltwater pool service in Scottsdale requires special cleaning and maintenance. These types of pools are cleaned using a Chlorine generator, which is usual in a form of solid tablets that float in a basket.

Furthermore, the salt tablets in the pools pump has to be regularly inspected in order to ensure that the correct amount is getting to the water. When salt water levels are lower than recommended it means that the recommended amount of chlorine getting to the water is also going to be lower than it calls for.

If properly cared for, your saltwater system will consist of less needed maintenance than your traditional chlorine pool, however, to properly care for a saltwater system it will require having the knowledge that only a professional has.

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Saltwater Pool Cleaning Scottsdale:

If  you are looking for reliable saltwater pool cleaning in Scottsdale, look no further than ‘Papago Pool Service’, as we are experienced with saltwater pool cleaning services, and we offer a packaged deal for our saltwater pool service on a monthly basis, which includes the pool cleaning services, plus equipment maintenance.

So, when you decide the time has come to get your pool looking good for the summer, be sure to give us a call and set up a time to meet with you, and to discuss a schedule for the summer months. Remember, your first month of saltwater pool service is absolutely free!!

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Saltwater Pool Maintenance Scottsdale:

Papago Pool Service offers weekly saltwater pool maintenance in Scottsdale. You will find that the majority of salespeople for pools tend to try and convince people that saltwater pools needs no maintenance; this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

It is important to test saltwater pools the same as you would a pool that uses chlorine water. Unless a saltwater pool has the correct amount of salt levels, alkaline levels, pH levels, and stabilizer levels, your saltwater pool cannot be considered to be clean.

If you do not have your saltwater pool maintained, the pool’s water is going to turn green, the same as a chlorine pool does. All of our experienced saltwater pool cleaners here at ‘Papago Pool Services’ have the knowledge and skills needed to keep your pool clean for you.

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Saltwater Pool Repair Scottsdale:

Papago Pool Service can also help with saltwater pool repair in Scottsdale. We know pool equipment and have the knowledge and experience necessary to take care of saltwater pool filters, pool pumps, pool motors and more.

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How Does A Saltwater Pool Work?

Both rational chlorine pools and saltwater pools use chlorine as the active ingredient to sanitize pool water. However, the way the chorine is added is where the differences start to come about.

The Difference Between Saltwater & Chlorine Pools

The only difference between chlorine pools and saltwater pools is that the saltwater pool uses a chlorine generator to make chlorine by separating salt molecules into sodium and chloride. After the the salt gets converted to chlorine to oxidize and sanitize the water, the chlorine gets converted back to salt as it re-enters the water. This process happens many times to conserve the salt and keep the correct balance of sanitizer levels.

Performing Maintenance On Saltwater Pools

Performing maintenance on your saltwater pool consists of adding more salt over time to maintain the right levels. The initial cost of sanitizing your saltwater pool will cost more than a chlorine pool but the price immediately goes down over time.

Rain can be a major factor in how much additional salt you will need to add. Also, the more water you add or remove, the more salt you will have to add to the new water.

Performing Maintenance On Chlorine Pools

Chlorine pools require chlorine and a list of other chemicals that need to be added to your pool to sanitize the water. Maintenance for chlorine pools will cost more money overtime but the initial starting costs are much lower than a saltwater pool. Converting your chlorine pool to a saltwater pool is as easy as buying and installing a chlorine generator. Maintenance will cost less and there are many benefits of saltwater pool systems. Read more about the benefits of saltwater pools below.

Benefits Of Saltwater Pools

Many homeowners are building or converting their chlorine pools to saltwater pools to experience the many benefits:

  • Saltwater Is Less Harsh
  • Easier Pool Maintenance
  • More Environmentally Friendy
  • Saltwater Pool Systems Pay For Themselves

Saltwater Is Less Harsh

Saltwater pool water is less harsh on your hair, skin, nose and eyes. Saltwater pool water has 1/3 the salinity of a human tear and 1/10 the salinity of natural ocean water. Pool owners enjoy a softer feel of water thats soothing to the hair and skin, easier on the nose and eyes than chlorine pool water. You won’t experience the harsh chlorine smell with saltwater either.

Easier Pool Maintenance

No longer do you need to add a whole bunch of chlorine in your pool to keep the sanitizer levels correct. Saltwater pools create their own chlorine out of salt. This keeps you from having to purchase many different chemicals and makes for easier pool maintenance than chlorine pools. The startup cost will be higher but maintenance is much more cost effective.

More Environmentally Friendly

Pool maintenance for saltwater pools involves handling natural materials unlike chlorine pools which use hazardous chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Salt is natural and will not harm the environment, making it more environmentally friendly all around.

Saltwater Pool Systems Pay For Themselves

Coverting your chlorine pool to a saltwater pool can be a high startup cost but the system will actually pay for itself with the first 2-3 years. If you plan on staying in your home from many years to come, you should absolutely think about converting to a saltwater pool system.

Same Benefits As Chlorine Pools Without The Harsh Chemicals

Saltwater pool systems are a lot like chlorine pools but without the harsh chemical smells or pesky maintenance. Saltwater pools in Scottsdale are becoming more popular as each year passes.

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