Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine Pools
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Saltwater Pools vs. Chlorine Pools

Equally saltwater pools and conventional chlorine kinds have impressive features. When you’re indecisive, you absolutely aren’t alone. Which characteristics of each are best suited for you?

Saltwater Swimming Pools

The biggest misconception about saltwater pools is that they contain 0% chlorine since the water comes from the ocean.

But that is simply not the case.

Saltwater pools do not even come close to oceanwater. Actually, they are not even chlorine free. Saltwater swimming pools use a technique known as “electrolysis” to produce the right amount chlorine for disinfecting the water.

Pros of saltwater swimming pools

  • Decreased chlorine levels make saltwater pools more gentle on skin and eyes. This is an ideal choice when the pool is going to be used by younger children and athletes that are play or swim for prolonged periods of time.
  • Chlorine levels in saltwater pools are strong enough for disinfecting, but aren’t enough to discolor costly swim-wear and gear.
  • Because of its natural chlorine, saltwater swimming pools necessitate fewer chemicals (and less concern) in comparison to chlorinated pools.

Cons of saltwater swimming pools

  • A saltwater pool is more costly than a conventional pool since it requires an increased initial investment.
  • In comparison to chlorinated pools, saltwater pool systems are more complicated. Each of the two, minor and major repairs will require the experienced and knowledge of a licensed, and professional pool technician.
  • Saltwater could damage. You will be required to buy underwater lighting, pool heaters, fixtures, pool liners, and masonry work particular to saltwater pools. In which could end up being for expensive when performing pool renovations.

Chlorine Swimming Pools

Chlorine pools are favorable since they are less costly to install and more easy to maintain. Unlike its saltwater equivalent, chlorine is added instead of being naturally produced.

Pros of chlorine swimming pools

  • The primary investment is less costly. A lot less costly.
  • Chlorine pools don’t use as much electricity. Saltwater pools need a specialized salt chlorine generator that converts salt into chlorine. Whereas chlorine pools simply need a pool pump (to circulate the water in the pool, in which prevents debris, bacteria, and algae from increasing in the water), and equipment for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Chlorine is pool fixture friendly.
  • A lot of chlorine pool repairs can be performed by yourself. Apart from that, finding someone to repair a chlorine pools system will not be an issue.

Cons of chlorine swimming pools

  • Chlorine is known to be rough on the skin, hair, and eyes. Swimmers need to invest in bath products that removes chlorine effectively. Chlorine also can be very damaging to any pool deck painting if you did not use the right paint or sealer.
  • Chlorine pools need constant attentiveness to eradicate excess bacteria. Meaning you are required to check on chlorine content routinely. Additionally, other chemicals like balancing agents, are required to be added regularly. Long story short, you need to budget accordingly for a chlorine pools maintenance and have someone regularly check on the pool’s chemical make-up.
  • Chlorine is required to be stored correctly. You might have to devote an exclusive area moisture free to keep the chlorine active.

Saltwater Pools vs. Chlorine Pools In Conclusion

Old school chlorine pools have been around for more than fifty years, making the thirty-ish saltwater pools a lot younger in years. The decision, nevertheless, is never obvious.

Chlorine pools require more commitment whereas saltwater pools require more up-front costs. A lot of public facilities like water parks and hotels have started to convert over to saltwater pools since they require less workers and are less costly to keep clean. But a multitude of them still advocate for their chlorine pools because of their fixture-friendly characteristics.

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