Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist
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Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

If you are looking for a swimming pool maintenance checklist, this post should help! Download the Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide PDF

 Opening Your Pool Checklist

  • Clean, and remove the pool cover for future storage
  • Vacuum all pool areas
  • Clean surrounding pool area
  • Check pool accessories and safety features ladder, gates, diving board, plugs, drain, filter system, skimmers, diving boards
  • Adjust water level to the recommended height of 1” (25mm) per hour
  • Evaluate of water chemistry PH levels, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness
  • Brush pool bottom and sides to loosen any dirt then vacuum pool
  • Remove debris from basket and skimmer system
  • Check and lubricate fittings like o-rings, plugs
  • If necessary take pool water sample for technical analysis
  • Vacuum pool bottom and remove debris with a skimmer
  • If necessary backwash filter
  • Realign pool water PH with shock and stabilizers
  • Continue maintenance upkeep routine
  • If necessary add algaecide

Weekly Pool Maintenance Checklist

  • Use leaf scoop to remove debris on the bottom of your pool
  • Adjust pool sanitizer levels by adding chlorine
  • Ensure the water level is correct for the pump system
  • Adjust pool chemical levels using test kits
  • Perform visual inspection of pool water to ensure color, clarity, and visible debris
  • Remove organic debris
  • Add pool shock to ensure pool does not turn green and remove contaminants
  • Adjust pool chemistry pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness
    • Only adjust pH levels once a week.
    • pH should range between 7.3 – 7.7 depending upon the pool finish. pH levels should be adjusted to increase or decrease until they are in the right levels.
    • To increase pH levels use a pH increaser like sodium carbonate. To decrease pH levels use a pH decreaser like sodium bicarbonate.
  • Test bromine and chlorine levels:
    • Free chlorine levels should range between 1-3 ppm
    • Free bromine levels should range between 3-5 ppm
  • Adjust Alkalinity levels
  • Adjust Stabilizer and Oxidizer levels
  • If necessary backwash pool filter and check pressure
  • Adjust water level to the recommended height of 1” (25mm) per hour
  • If necessary adjust pool chemicals to prevent algae

Monthly Pool Maintenance Checklist:

  • Test pool chemistry make up
  • Adjust for pH level and dissolved solid levels
  • Pool alkalinity should range between 120-150 ppm
  • Add chemicals to the filter as needed
  • Calculate (LSI) Langlier Saturation Index as necessary
  • Evaluate salt levels if you own a saltwater pool
  • Check pool liner for tears or damage
  • Depending on the pool finish check for damage like cracks or leaks.
  • Evaluate seals for pool pump and motor.
  • Evaluate the integrity of pool safety equipment.

Closing a Pool Checklist:

  • Check pool chemistry to evaluate levels
    • pH should range between 7.3 – 7.7 depending upon the pool finish.
    • Total Alkalinity Should Be: 80 – 120 (ppm) parts per million
    • Calcium Hardness Should Be: 180 – 220 ppm
  • Run the pool filter for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours
  • Remove external pool accessories like ladders, skimmers, or solar blankets
  • Lower pool water level to 6” or (150mm) below the 1” or (25mm) per hour level
  • Drain all filtering, pumping, sanitizing, and equipment to avoid damage caused by freezing
  • Lubricate any seals, rings, and plugs as well as springs to make spring maintenance easier
  • Perform complete pool cleaning and inspection
  • Clearwater from any plug the lines using expansion plugs
  • Winterizing by adding algaecide agent
  • Use a tight pool cover

Like this swimming pool maintenance guide. Download the Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist PDF

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